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 SHT self-healing technique

Knowing how
SHT - Master - Coach
What does it mean to be free?
Remote treatment in humans and animals

With remote treatment, distance is no object.

Existential life issues such as fears, burnout, stress, mental or physical illnesses can thus be directly dealt with and resolved.

Resonating in tune with primal energy causes a change in our vibration frequency and a return to harmonic order in body, mind and spirit.

Whoever is ready will see ......

Remote treatment even in animals both large and small ....

appointments by phone arrangement.

Opening the third eye

Opening the third eye is one way your consciousness can change your perception ...

It's like anticipating the steps ahead, or seeing in the dark.

Thoughts are then secondary.

Self-healing technique,  SHT

Through the SHT self-healing technique you can access your zest for life in your innermost self.

Love attracts love, fear attracts fear and worry attracts worry.

Wherever you direct your attention is where you will be in your thoughts, words and perception.

Through SHT you can learn to direct your attention to where your peace of mind and your zest for life are located:

In your innermost self, in your healing place, the place of peace, where all is one and material things do not matter any more.

“It will happen to you just as you have believed ....” Jesus

What you see is only what you want to see and what you perceive is only what you want to perceive.

With SHT and work on the meridians, you direct your attention towards where change should take place for you. Furthermore, beliefs are activated that your subconscious will implement, as long as you believe and feel it and put it into action ...

Only through action, through doing, does change occur...

Flash hypnosis

You can use flash hypnosis to shape your future.

 The current mirror image of a human being is his beliefs .....

Through flash hypnosis you can learn to change this and with it your current situation.

Seek resolution

There are many kinds of addictions: alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction, addiction to chocolate, etc.

However, there are also some techniques that can resolve these addictions .....

You can learn this .....

Trauma resolution

Every person experiences a multitude of traumas in the course of his life.

He then determines his life and his actions.

Many people notice that.

They feel that something is not okay.

They feel it, but cannot grasp or comprehend it,

nor do they know how to deal with these feelings.

It then becomes impossible to live a harmonious life.

The result is an escape into addictions of all kinds.

Addictions are a form of searching, a search for a solution, but a blind one.

The question is: how can I find a way to live happily and in harmony? The question is always

“how”. If I know the solution then I am at peace, loving everything as it is.

Your subconscious shows you the way ....

It is a technique used by the Aborigines. It is an ancient technique that has been passed down from generation to generation among the Aborigines and is little known here in Western Europe and America.

I was fortunate to learn this technique from Roberto Antela Martinez, who learned it from the Aborigines.


Everything that exists is belief, even what I am writing here is a belief and not believing is also a belief .......

​You are dependent on what your environment makes you believe ...... whether you want to be or not.

​Because you do not know if your father is your father or your mother is your mother ... You have to believe it.

And if you do not believe it, then this is also a belief.

​“It will happen to you just as you have believed ......” Jesus

If you believe and feel it .....


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